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Jewellery is great, but special moments are better...

We know you don't buy jewellery because you need it. Things aren't what's really important in life. It's the moments we share with the people we love that makes life amazing.

We created iROCK Jewellery as a place where you can buy amazing jewellery to compliment your amazing experiences. Something to wear for a special event, a gift to commemorate a special occasion. We make jewellery that sparkles on the outside as much as you do on the inside.

"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself..." - George Bernard Shaw

This quote reflects our values, and this ethos infuses all aspects of the iROCK Jewellery brand. From our bold designs, to the intimate way we communicate with customers, but it is most evident in our custom made services where you can create your own piece of custom jewellery, something that no one else will have, something that will show off your individual style.

The iROCK style is unapologetically bold and maximalist. We draw inspiration from diverse sources such as rock chic style, vintage hollywood glamour, and 70s disco. We create statement crystal jewellery that is bold, sophisticated and super luxe!

What’s with the name? It’s how awesome you feel when you wear your piece of jewellery, as well as a play on 'i' for internet + 'rock' for the crystals we use.

custom jewellery custom earrings

Custom Jewellery Just For You

The coolest thing about iROCK Jewellery is the ability for you to customise your own perfect pieces. If you'd like to customise a piece to match an outfit or personalise a gift you can! Choose your necklace, earring, bracelet or ring, the metal, shape, colours, and create your own perfect piece of bespoke jewellery. You experience the delight of creation without the difficulties of making.

"We wanted a way for women to create their own unique pieces without having to make them themselves. So we created iROCK Jewellery." Sarah Freeman

Your style is part of your identity. It shows others, and yourself, who you are and who you want to be. Not merely fashion, personal style is how what you wear expresses your sense of self. Your values, your desires, your mood.

iROCK jewellery is made in Melbourne, Australia from quality materials sourced from around the world. Genuine Swarovski crystals, metal bases that are hand plated in a small factory in Israel. Custom pieces are made to order in our Melbourne studio, and can be shipped to you anywhere in the world within 4 weeks. All pieces are individually packaged in little black boxes, ready for gift giving.  

“I just got home to the beautiful earrings. Oh my gosh that are stunning! I absolutely love them they are honestly perfect, exactly what I was wanting, so I am a very happy bride. I know the girls will love them also. Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it. Xx Laura” Laura Smith

Sarah and Tim Freeman, Cofounders of iROCK Jewellery

About Tim and Sarah

Tim and Sarah have been an inseparable team since their first random meeting in Madrid, Spain in 2004 while both on European holidays. Vowing to keep in touch, it took only a few months for Tim to pack up his life in Sydney and move to Melbourne where they have been living an extraordinary life ever since.

With strong family ties, they inherited their parents entrepreneur-genes, and have always wanted to create an amazing business. 

Sarah grew up in awe of her Grandmother's jewellery collection - especially her crystal wedding tiara, matching marquisite sets, and long strands of red crystal necklaces. Spending her childhood re-purposing trinkets and broken jewellery ended up being valuable as she turned her hand to designing jewellery when she took a break from work to have children in 2013.

"I love working with customers to create something for themselves. They become part of the creative process, and end up with something unique that expresses their personal style," Sarah Freeman

Tim used to be a builder, before moving into teaching and now work in education innovation. He is passionate about using technology to improve education and life. 

"I love using technology to create new experiences for our customers." Tim Freeman

Together they form a dynamic and unstoppable team. 


iROCK Jewellery has been featured in a range of print and online publications as you can see below.

If you'd like to profile iROCK Jewellery please feel free to use any of the content or images here or get in touch with Sarah at sarah@irockjewellery.com.

We'd love to know if you write about us so please send us an electronic link or copy. Thanks :)

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